November 08, 2004

A snippet for Time Management

      准备仔细学习一下“Time Management”,刚刚看到一篇文章“Ten Quick Time Management Tips”,摘录几个比较适合我的tips。

1. Don't waste waiting time. Waiting for other people shouldn't be an active, time-consuming part of your day. For the inevitable times when you must wait, find ways to put even a few minutes' waiting time to good use. Whether on hold on the telephone or waiting for a meeting or appointment, you can make lists, sort mail, go over your schedule, or complete small but necessary tasks. At home, sort the laundry or the mail while catching up on the news, talk on the phone while preparing dinner, etc.
4. If you're working at home or even trying to finish a necessary housekeeping task, turn off the telephone until the job is done. Leaving the answering machine on may be too great a temptation to interrupt your work and chat. If you absolutely have to screen calls, put the machine on low volume in another room while you work.
      我做事情的时候电话倒是不关,MSN Messager和QQ肯定是要关的。
6. Capitalize on your body rhythms. You know when you're at your peak mentally and physically; schedule the most demanding tasks for these periods. You'll work more efficiently and save time.
      这一点太重要了,很早以前就深有体会,不过通常在自己“peak mentally and physically”的时候,并没有充分利用这一优势。

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