November 30, 2004


      In every society, culturally unique ways of thinking about the world unite people in their behavior. Anthropologists often refer to the body of ideas that people share as ideology. Ideology can be broken down into at least three specific categories: beliefs, values, and ideals. People’s beliefs give them an understanding of how the world works and how they should respond to the actions of others and their environments. Particular beliefs often tie in closely with the daily concerns of domestic life, such as making a living, health and sickness, happiness and sadness, interpersonal relationships, and death. People’s values tell them the differences between right and wrong or good and bad. Ideals serve as models for what people hope to achieve in life.

      From Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2005

      意识形态(ideology),是指一种观念的集合。ideology这个字是德崔希伯爵(Count Destutt de Tracy)在十八世纪末的时候所创造,用来界定一种「观念的科学」(science of ideas)。意识形态可以被理解为一种具有理解性的想象(comprehensive vision)、一种观看事物的方法(请比较维根斯坦),存在于共识(请见〈日常社会中的意识形态〉段落)与一些哲学趋势中(请见〈政治意识形态〉段落),或者是指由社会中的统治阶级对所有社会成员提出的一组观念(这是马克思主义定义下的意识形态,请见〈作为一种社会再造工具的意识形态〉段落。)


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Kinda off-topic. I am Dan Li from TIMELINE. Thank you for the info. It's Minion Bold Expert I'm looking for. Thanks again.

BTW, good site. Keep going!

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No thx, you are welcome.
And thank you for coming to my site to inform me about the font.

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