May 09, 2005

free woman

为此,他查了大量的资料,做了充分的准备。众多名胜之一,就有自由女神像。为了确保能够到达仰慕已久的地,他甚至把负责自由女神像参观的联系电话都找到 - 666-2613。


Driver: " Where do you want to go., sir? "
Mr. D: " FREE Woman, Do you know where I can find Free Woman? "
Driver: " What? :-O Hey man, here is America, nothing is free !!! "
Mr. D: " Oh, how comes. I read it from yellow page. See, here is the phone number, sex-sex-sex-two-sex-one-free."

Posted by eapass at May 9, 2005 09:01 PM

 Technorati Tags: joke Adult 笑话 成人

 Tags: joke Adult 笑话 成人

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